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Tea tree oil has so many uses

Benefit from the amazing qualities and health benefits that tea tree oil holds.

Bad Breath
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head lice
Head Lice
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dry skin
Dry Skin
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ingrown hair
Ingrown Hairs
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sore muscles
Sore Muscles
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minor cuts
Minor Cuts & Abrasions
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Foot Odour
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hand sanitiser
Hand Sanitiser
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sore throat
Sore Throat
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household cleaning
Household Cleaning
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head cold
Head Cold
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sun burn
Sun Burn
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Tea tree oil health benefits

Tea tree, also known as melaleuca oil, contains powerful antiseptic properties and is well-known for its ability to treat wounds. Tea tree oil is a natural product for your skin and can support your health in so many other ways. Our Pure NATTo Tea tree oil is 100% natural, free from chemicals and any other nasties, direct from our plantation to you “As Nature Intended.”

In order to effectively use pure essential oils – not just NATTo pure tea tree oil – it is often necessary to dilute the essential oil in another oil so that it can be easily spread or massaged on the affected area. These oils are called “carrier” oils. Typical carrier oils include coconut oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil and others.

Essential oils for health

It is said that Cleopatra’s glistening skin was a result of her devotion to jasmine, patchouli and rose oils, legend has it that essential oils were used to fragrant the sails of the boats that carried her along the river Nile.

It seems that throughout history, essential oils have been used to improve our health, cure diseases, and help people generally feel better. These natural aromatic compounds derived from the leaves, stems, bark, roots and flowers of plants and time has proven their amazing health benefits.

Essential oils can be used in many different ways including, aromatherapy, skin massage, diffusion, inhalation, and topical application. They can also be essential or infused. Pure Essential oils contain large quantities of the raw plant material and need to be diluted before use. Infused oils, on the other hand, contain only a small amount and can be used full-strength.

Our NATTo range of Essential oil infusions have been created to nurture, invigorate and stimulate both the body & mind. 100% natural, free from chemicals and any other nasties. Using only plant-based ingredients, NATTo products are simply “As Nature Intended.”

Oil diffusing is a beautiful and relaxing method of use for NATTo oil infusions and the practice of Aromatherapy. Depending on the oil selection diffusing can promote tranquillity, calmness, clarity or even stimulation. Aromatic infusing can provide relief from stress and anxiety, assist with muscle pains, or offer a sensual introduction to a romantic evening with your partner.