Tea tree oil can not only be applied on the skin but also has beneficial effects when diffused within the air around you. The essential oil will refreshen and purify your home as it disperses, offering you a place with clean air to awaken your sense.

Different Oils

Choose from one of our all natural 100% essential oils to dispense in your home. Go for the pure tea tree oil or add a feeling of relaxation to completely rewind with our lavender blends. Whatever oil you prefer, the antisceptic components of our NATTo oils will help you build a stronger immune system and fight off infections, viruses and different types of fungus.


Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for psychological and physical wellbeing. With our NATTo tea tree oils and diffusers, you can bring this therapeutic benefit of the essential oils into your living room. You’ll experience relaxation, a decrease of stress or a boost in your energy level by adding the oils to your diffuser.

Live beautifully

We designed diffusers that perfectly fit into your home. We have a wide variety of different styles, colours and shapes to blend in with a modern or classic interior. By integrating Bluetooth speakers into our diffuser, you can enjoy your favourite tune while benefiting from the healing effect tea tree oil has in your home.

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