First Aid

Tea tree oil should be part of your first aid kit. Because of its antiseptic components, it’s the perfect product to disinfect wounds and cuts. Furthermore, it contains antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties – making tea tree oil beneficial for a wide range of small injuries. Tea tree oil can be used in small amounts but NATTo also offers a soothing gel that will function as a natural barrier for infections.

Bites, scrapes and cuts

The antiseptic nature of tea tree oil is extremely beneficial for all small bites and cuts. The essential oil will clean the wounds to avoid infections when exposed to bacterias. The oil will also promote faster healing of the wounds and regenerate the tissue.


Because of its soothing effect on any skin type, the oil can also be used to treat sunburns and even non-severe burns. Tea tree oil is an infection-fighting product with anti-inflammatory properties. It will not only help the burn to heal faster but will also reduce the irritation and itch that often comes with it.

Rash & Inflammation

Other skin irritations and rashes can benefit from tea tree oil products too. As a versatile first-aid product, it will relieve the discomfort of the itchiness, while offering the skin natural protection against infections. Its moisturising effect thereby helps when you’re dealing with dry skin or eczema.

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