Hair Care

The oil from the native Australian tea tree has healing effects on both your hair and scalp. By using our NATTo tea tree shampoos, you’ll enjoy healthy and shiny hair without any irritations of the skin. The shampoos contain all natural ingredients that will nurture your hair into its roots.

Tea Tree Oil Shampoo & Conditioner

We used the natural oil extracted from the tea tree to create a shampoo and conditioner with soothing effects for the scalp. It’s a very gentle product for your skin and you will notice its kind effect on your scalp immediately. The NATTo hair products don’t contain any harmful parabens but guarantee a natural treatment for your hair and body.

The tea tree oil hair care is ideal for daily use. The shampoos and conditioners can be used for all types of hairs, offering both dry and greasy hair a refreshing and healthy treat. Because of its soothing and gentle way of working, the hair care products are very suitable for thin hair.

Tea Tree Oil for Irritations

Tea tree oil hair care doesn’t only offer you a deeper clean, it also helps when it comes to scalp irritations or flaky and itchy skin. Tea tree oil removes build-ups of other shampoos and purifies the skin. Even scalp conditions such as dandruff can be combated with natural tea tree oil shampoos since its antiseptic and anti-fungal properties get rid of the yeast and/or itchiness.

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