Dry skin, eczema and fleas are itchy and uncomfortable for our dogs, but they don’t have to be. Tea tree oil is an excellent choice when it comes to cleaning your dog in a natural soap free, chemical free manner. The NATTo range of pet care products is safe for your pampered pooch when used as directed.

Tea Tree Oil for Dogs

If your furry friend is dealing with dry skin, fleas or irritations, we recommended using our tea tree oil dog wash. Our dog wash is carefully created with your dog’s health close in mind. The dog shampoo contains the right amount of tea tree oil, including its healing benefits, to relieve your beloved pet from any irritations. It protects the dog skin and helps in treating and preventing tropical bacterial infections.

Itchy skin or fleas are easily treated by the tea tree oil pet products. The antiseptic and antifungal aspects of the tea tree oil will kill the fleas that are annoying your dog, without having to expose your pet to any chemical treatments. Be aware that you should only use our special tea tree oil pet products, since 100% pure tea tree oil isn’t healthy to use on dogs.

Please note tea tree oil is NOT safe for cats and must be avoided at all times.

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