100% PURE

  • Guaranteed 100% pure, unblended Australian grown tea tree oil.
  • Steam distilled from the species Melaleuca Alternifolia – Australian tea tree
  • Each shipment is provided with a Certificate of Analysis from the Southern Cross University Plant Science Analytical Research Laboratory (Test Method ARL-tm101-3*) *Assay by GC (FID detection)


  • 18kg HDPE Level 5 Fluorinated plastic cubes
  • 50kg Stainless steel drum
  • 185kg Stainless steel drum
  • 900 kg ECOBULK MX container
  • Storage in stainless steel drums is advised for storing tea tree oil once delivered and these can be supplied on request.
  • Tamper proof seals
  • Nitrogen blanket for preservation of the oil

Australian Tea Tree Oil Industry (ATTIA) Code of Practice certification (205 Stainless Steel Drums/ Fluorinated Plastic Cubes and 1000L IBC Plastic Fluorinated containers only) NATTO offer you the highest quality 100% pure premium tea tree oil. Our product is backed by extensive industry knowledge, a team of experts and fully trained staff. We ensure your shipment is packaged, transported and labelled according to the specifications required by the Dangerous Goods legislation.

Our staff are available to help you with any questions you may have regarding shipment of your order. We offer from 50kg orders up to multi-ton consignments in packaging approved by international standards.

Storage & Transport


  • UN Proper Shipping Name: TERPENE HYDROCARBONS, N.O.S. (Tea Tree Oil)
  • UN Number: 2319
  • UN Transport Hazard Class: Flammable liquids category 3
  • UN Packing Group: III
  • GHS Packing Groups: P001, IBC02, LP01
  • GHS Labelling requirements:
  • GHS Signal word: Warning
  • GHS Classifications: Flammable liquids category 3; Acute Toxicity category 4; Mildly irritating to eyes category2B (6)
  • GHS Pictograms: flammable icon
  • GHS Hazard Statements: H226: Flammable liquid and vapour; H302 Harmful if swallowed; H320: Causes eye irritation; H315: Causes Skin Irritation
  • Hazchem Code: 3[Y]
  • US DOT Labelling Requirements: Flammable Label (Flame pictogram)
  • Environmental Hazards: May cause adverse effects in aquatic environments. This product is biodegradable
  • Special Precautions during Transport
    IATA and IMO Labelling Requirements: Flammable Label (Flame pictogram)
  • Aircraft Restrictions: Passenger Aircraft 60 litres, Cargo Aircraft 220 Litres